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News of November and December, 2016
2017 február 02., csütörtök 23:17

2016. December

December-  Month of Christmas

The story of the elf who messes up the teeth…

Our health visitor in kindergarten,  called Nagy Gáborné /Gyöngyi néni/ came  into Sunflower group to present how can children brush their theeth well. Children were interested in that presentation and listened Gyöngyi néni in big qiet. They could also practise using toothbrush and they were excellent.

„Come, come soon Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus, every child  are waiting for you..."

We had a Santa Claus day in kindergarten which has started with puppet show by kindergarten teachers. That day was for  surprises and a lots of  magic . All children were exciting to arrive Santa Claus.

Children gave some gifts but they also draw a lot of beautiful pictures to Santa Claus.


The advent time was with waiting, preparing, caring with each other in our groups.

We could see „The Christmas of Furry Cubs” as a puppet show which was very good and the children enjoyed it so much.


"Rejoice, rejoice,

here is the birthday of Jesus!

The baby Jesus was born

at  night of Christmas."

We surprised children a special present on the most beautiful day of the year. Kindergarten teachers sang some songs as a „Chorus of Angels”. It was so beautiful and the children listened to them in quiet amazed. Celebrating went on giving presents in the groups.



2016. November

The week of geese - during this time was Martin's Day.

„Whoever takes my goose, I do not like.

Buti if it gets back I give a hug.

Here is the goose thief, here is the goose thief.

There is no goose thief, there is no goose thief.”


During this week the children got to know the story of Saint Martin, where geese had a very important function.We also emphasized some of the precious human features -as the legend- solidarity, selflessness, good intentions, modesty...


In smaller groups we recalled old traditions, like defeathering and we crumbled corns also. This way children got a lot of experience by their sense organs about corn and feather.


Like an old "scrivener", they wrote and draw with quill.

 The first time we were in theatre in this year



The elder children took part in a performance called "Tenants of the copper forest" where they got to know some brass intruments. During the performance children laughed a lot then they told the story to their group members in the kindergarten.

HealthWeek  in Elder group


Children in this group has discussed about health, what it means. They were talking about: how to eat healthy, sports, body parts, functions of senses and work of doctors too.

The end of the week one of the parents came to our group to talk about her work. She works at the Air Base in Pápa as a hygiene assistant. Children got to know the ways of giving first aid and she showed some first aid tools also.


News of October, 2016
2016 december 05., hétfő 19:51



The first rwo weeks of October the autumn weather was beautiful.During this time, what we spent in the nature we observed the colour of the autumn leaves.The hard-working little hands collected the autumn crop and leaves and helped to rake the leaves in a pile.

From letters we prepared a labyrinth, which was the children’s one of the favourite game.

Into the Camomile group visited a policeman daddy. They speak about aerial, aquatic and continental vehicles were showed by pictures.

They got to know about some elements of the They got to know about some elements of service equipment, such as a badge, nightstick, handscuffs, ect.


The children could sit to the police car which patked in the yard. They had opportunity to see the police additional tools what help police’s job as a radio, siren, shields, ect.

On the 21th of October our kindergarten we commemorated the 1956 revolution and a war of independent. The children know that the anthem is the Hungarian national’s song. They listened it disciplined.

The last week of October we kept American week in the Lavender, Elderberry and Hawthorn group.
The events of the week we organized in connection with the celebration of Halloween. We made the kindergarten’s entrance, group rooms, a gymnastics room even cosier with the symbols of the holiday.

The first day we got more knowledge about the country. We looked at it where America settle down in the globe. Together with the children we were wathching ppt from the country’s main buildings, symbol,national flag and from American sports. Finally we projected a waltdisney tale for the children.

On Tuesday we made a craftwork. In the Elder group prepared bats from cardboard and nutshell.

In the Lavender group wreath was prepared with national colours

and they also made pumpkin ornaments.

In the Hawthorn group children made necklace from pasta which formed bat, pumpkin and spider.

Spider window ornaments made from paper plate then we prepared pumpkin figures from tangerine.


One of the most exciting programs of the week was the dance house. The dance teacher and her students showed a country and jive dance steps and taught us.

On Thursday the children got to know about the tric or treat which is associated with the custom of Halloween.
On Friday in the Lavender group’s one of American moms told a story in English to the children from book.

News of September, 2016
2016 november 03., csütörtök 22:42


September is the start of the kindergarten. Numerous new children arrived day by day. Thank to the common activities the children  forgot the lack of the parents so fast.


- So good to be here, in the kindergarten, I can play with a lot of interesting toys.

- We have to learn a lot of things, for example each other’s names and the place of toys.

- We are not allowed to throw sand to each other.


- When we are running, we have to look to the front.